Holy Week

I was a concelebrant at the Chrism Mass for the diocese of Joliet yesterday. Now, I have to get ready for the Triduum. There’s plenty to do. I’ll be preaching at the Easter Vigil.

On the turntable: Songs of Faith and Inspiration, The Robert Shaw Chorale (RCA Red Seal from 1964)

To see a great documentary on JP II (in Italian, but you don’t need to know Italian to enjoy it)

1. Go to Raiclick

2. Select NOTIZIE

3. On left bar, select PAPA WOJTYLA


This has some extremely funny parts to it, and serious parts also. It has very little commentary–the images tell the story for the most part.

UPDATE:  Ok, they added an introduction to the special, but when you get a few minutes into it, you will see the original special from last year, produced shortly before JP II died.

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Fr. John

This special is no longer online.

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