Classic Texts About Our Lady in Latin

De Assumptione Beatae Virginis Mariae by Pseudo-Augustine
as found in Patrologiae Latina ed. Migne, Vol. 40 (It begins on “page 182” which is actually column 1141 in the book).

This is a 9th century work by an anonymous author (erroneously attributed to St. Augustine at some point in the Middle Ages) on the bodily Assumption of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven.

De Laudibus Beatae Mariae Virginis–found in the Opera Omnia S. Alberti Magni, Paris 1898, Vol. 36. The text is attributed to St. Albert the Great but is actually from Richard of St. Laurent, and it is one of the most important Marian works of the 13th century.

Although the original of this text is in Greek, there is a Latin translation provided.
The Mariale of St. Joesph the Hymnographer is provided in the Patrolgia Graeca vol. 105. It begins on pg. 977 of the text.

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