Cleaning Up the Blog

I’ve deleted a few posts. The blog definitely needs some direction.

At this point, I wish to return to a theme the blog has taken from time to time: Good (and Old) Catholic Novels.

I first mention Dion and the Sibyls. The “Dion” mentioned is Dionysius the Areopagite. He will become the first bishop of Athens. The book takes place during the time of Christ, for the most part, and has many real historical figures.

The book is chock full of adventure, action, and suspense. There are gladiators, a crazy emperor, brave men, and of course beautiful women. I can imagine a decent movie could be made from this story. It is not the greatest novel I’ve ever read, but it was worth the read.

It once required you to find a copy somewhere, but now the entire novel is available as a free PDF to download. You could put it on your IPhone, Kindle, etc.

Dion and the Sibyls

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