Commentarii in Sacram Scripturam (links to Latin texts)

The famous commentary of Cornelius a Lapide… links to the complete Latin texts

Tomus I: Commentary on the Pententeuch
Tomus II: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Kings I-IV, and Paralipomenon I-II, Ezra, Nehemiah, Tobit, Judith, Esther, and Machabees
Tomus III: Proverbs
Tomus IV: Ecclesiastes, Canticle of Canticles, and Wisdom
Tomus V: Ecclesiasticus
Tomus VI: 4 Major Prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, (Baruch), Ezekiel, Daniel
Tomus VII: Minor Prophets, Psalms, and Job
Tomus VIII: Gospels
Tomus IX: Epistles of Paul
Tomus X: Acts of the Apostles, Catholic Epistles, Apocalypse

Perhaps someday they will all be translated into English. (Well, I can dream, can’t I?)

An old but “Great” commentary

The Great Commentary of Cornelius à Lapide was released in English as a series of books in the 19th century. He was a Flemish Jesuit who lived in from 1567 to 1637. These commentaries can be quite helpful with various passages, keeping in mind there may be some aspects to them that don’t work so well in the 21st century. The commentaries refer to Church Fathers often. I have included links to the commentaries on the Gospels here.

Matthew 1-9
Matthew 10-21
Matthew 22-28, Mark
John 1-11
John 12-21