A New Post!

I really need to say something since I haven’t updated this blog in over two months. Ideas for blogging seem a bit sparse. I’m just finishing another pilgrimage to the Holy Land. It is always a special privilege and blessing to come to this place. Each time has its own graces. I was on the temple mount for the first time (we “infidels” are only allowed on one hour per day). That was an experience. No one is allowed to walk around with a cross or crucifix visible, but, ironically, I had on my Roman collar.

Jerusalem has such a rich history. I got a book called Carta’s Historical Atlas of Jerusalem. I particularly enjoy the section on the Crusader period of the city. I don’t know if anyone has made a model that attempts to show this period (computer or otherwise), but it would be an interesting project.

One thing the book helps me to realize is that there are a lot of remains that are yet to be excavated or probably never will be because of the buildings on them. There are some ruins that are visible just a little here and there – not part of a tour usually. Well, in once sense, I don’t think it is necessary to uncover every ancient ruin or remain of some classic building, but there are probably some great treasures of artwork that could be revealed. In any case, seeking first the Kingdom of God is the most important thing.