A prayer from the Diary of St. Faustina

By | June 6, 2004

God of great mercy, who deigned to send us Your only-begotten Son as the greatest proof of Your fathomless love and mercy, You do not reject sinners; but in Your boundless mercy You have opened for them also Your treasures, treasures from which they can draw abundantly, not only justification, but also all the sanctity that a soul can attain. Father of great mercy, I desire that all hearts turn with confidence to Your infinite mercy. No one will be justified before You if he is not accompanied by Your unfathomable mercy. When You reveal the mystery of Your mercy to us, there will not be enough of eternity to properly thank You for it. (1122)

One thought on “A prayer from the Diary of St. Faustina

  1. yolanda

    please pray for my family for forginess of our sins for my son m that is in troble with his probation officerofficer,my other son for behavior problems my daughter that has many issues.for me to give strebght to support my family with all their mistakes.

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