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There Will Be Time Later

World War II was still raging less than 70 years ago. A soliloquy about it written in 1944 by Norman Corwin called “There Will Be Time Later,” brings the reality of those days to the listener. From 68 years ago: August 15, 1944: There Will Be Time Later. This will give you pause to give… Read More »

War of the Vendee

This is a rather unusual movie, telling of the complete loss of religious freedom during the French Revolution (i.e. the State suppresses the Church), and some Frenchmen who would not stand for it. The movie is unusual in that all the parts are played by young people under the age of 21. This doesn’t necessarily… Read More »

I Finally Saw October Baby.

I’ve wanted to see the movie for a while, but Holy Week was particularly busy, as was the time around Mercy Sunday, and then there have been other things that have come up. My main reaction is, “Wow!” I don’t feel adequate to review the film, but here’s something from an interview with Jon Erwin… Read More »

Year by Year LPs (or the Year in Review LP)

Updated January 8, 2015 Some spoken word LPs concerned news events over a particular period of time. Some were concerned with the previous year. Here are many of the sets that can be found — some more common and some quite rare. The granddaddy is probably Edward R. Murrow’s “I Can Hear it Now” series.… Read More »

The Hour of St. Francis – show information

“The Hour of St. Francis” is a radio program that began in December of 1946 and continued through the 1950s. The program was distributed through syndication. A radio station would receive transcription discs of episodes. Each fifteen minute episode presented a dramatic story — often a “modern day parable” which looked at a moral issue… Read More »

Some Audio from the LP

From the LP A Day of Pilgrimage at Lourdes Notice the great zeal in the prayers at the beginning of this sample. One might almost call it “charismatic,” but this is 1955 (or perhaps even earlier, since the LP was released in 1955). I find this LP to be a beautiful expression of faith.

In Washington, D.C. for Thanksgiving

I’m back at the old Marian Scholasticate. It’s great to come here and not have to be worried about studies. I can just relax and hang out. The library here is undergoing some renovations, but for the most part, the building is rather familiar. I worked on a “youth show” of sorts when I was… Read More »

Hour of Saint Francis Fan Club

I put together a group with all of the “Hour of St. Francis” shows that I’ve put out on the Internet. As an old time radio aficionado and a Catholic priest, it just makes sense. The Hour of St. Francis Fan Club shows (only if you are registered with MyCatholicVoice) I just noticed that you… Read More »